Owner + Operator + Growing Expert

The best gaming offers in 50 lions poker machine our casino follow the link! Tom purchased the land that we are now farming on in 2009 when he moved to Athens, Georgia from Atlanta. Currently he is getting a degree in Horticulture from the University of Georgia here in Athens. He credits his success as a grower to the University of Georgia Horticulture program and his time at UGArden. Through this program, and during his time spent as Assistant Farm Manager for the University Garden, or UGArden, Tom has learned a myriad of skills-from cloning and propagation of plants to understanding how to manage soil and water resources in the most efficient ways to suit our specific climate and soil structure. Studying horticulture has taught Tom how to identify plants, pests, diseases and deficiencies so that we may grow with efficiency and minimal impact on the environment and our community.


Owner + Operator + Flower Lady

Jenna met Tom right before she graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in social work. Shortly after graduation she joined Tom on the farm and continued to pursue a career in social work. After time in the field and another degree, she decided to change her career and instead put time into farming. Her focus has been to expand the farm into cut flower production in addition to the fruits and vegetables we have been growing. Her degrees and work in the social services field have an influence on our grander goals and aspirations on the farm. We hope that with our pricing and distribution choices, local produce and flowers will be more broadly accessible and less of a luxury in our community.